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Movement to stillness
Gotland, Sweden

22nd-25th of August With Julia Bergh & Sofia Irene Schörling

“Stillness is not no movement. It is movement at exactly the speed of now.”

In this retreat we will discover our journey back to wholeness. Remembering who we truly are and allowing our bodies to guide us there.

Autumn retreat
Idöborg, Sweden

24th – 27th of October With Julia Bergh & Sofia Irene Schörling.

-A place for you to explore and fall in love with all parts of the human experience.

Weaving together the essence of yoga and inner healing, on a journey through the heart.
Surrounded by nature on a small private island, nourished by delicious foods and together with a beautiful community.

Radiant heart
Ubud, Bali

27th of January – 2nd of February With Julia Bergh & Sofia Irene Schöeling

Love – Connection – Freedom

Gathering as women is an ancient tradition to empower each other and remember who we are and why we are here.


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