Autumn retreat,
Idöborg Stockholm archipelago

31/10 – 3/11-24 at Idöborg with Julia Bergh & Sofia Irene Schörling.

"Wisdom tells me I am nothing,
Love tells me I am everything,
In between the two my life flows"

-Nisargadatta Maharaj

How do we flow with life? How do we embark on the journey from our mind back home to our heart? From masculine to feminine? Yang to yin? Movement to stillness? Because even when everything is changing, I remains the same. In this retreat we will discover our journey back to wholeness. Remembering who we truly are and allowing our bodies to guide us there. Inspired by the surrounding sea we will explore the way water moves and how it represents different aspects of our consciousness.

Through these 4 days we will guide you from movement to stillness. From seeking to seeing. You will leave feeling inspired, rested and deeply rooted into all parts of you. Ready to receive and and surrender to all of life.

Join us

Join Julia & Sofia at Idöborg for a cozy yoga retreat in the Stockholm archipelago. Surrounded by nature on a small private island, nourished by delicious foods and together with a beautiful community. Weaving together the essence of yoga and inner healing, on a journey through the heart.

A long-weekend filled with movement, play, connection, beauty, nature, meditation, community and inner exploration. Nestled in nature on this stunning island far away from the city life. You will be served delicious and nutritious seasonal food. There will also be free time to simply rest and recharge before the long winter begins. This retreat is for you!

The place:

Just one hour’s journey from the heart of Stockholm, Idöborg is a privately owned island steeped in vibrant history and graced by the wild beauty of the Archipelago.

The island provides a wonderful home for our transformative retreats. Enjoy its pure nature, meditate in the Dojo with its Sea view and open fire, find serenity in the wood-burning sauna and cold ocean swims.

The beautiful houses and cozy interiors will offer you a lovely space to rest and restore your energy. This island carries a special magic and will leave you feeling renewed in body, mind, heart and spirit.


  • 4 days, 3 nights at Idöborg
  • All meals and drinks
  • Daily movement and meditation
  • Circles and workshops
  • Sound healing
  • Energy work
  • Daily wood burning sauna
  • Surprise gifts


For you!

This retreat is for anyone who wants to delve deeper into themselves and explore their connection to life. Movement lovers, yogis, nature enthusiasts, archipelago dreamers or anyone who simply wants a wonderful vacation, with beautiful people in one of Swedens most spectacular places! All levels of yoga welcome.

Autumn invites us to release and let go of what no longer serves us. As the leaves begin to fall, so will that which no longer aligns with our purpose. This long weekend offers a moment to reflect and rediscover our heart’s song!

This retreat will be guided by Julia Bergh and Sofia Irene Schörling.

Julia is the founder of the healing studio ayäm Studio in Stockholm. She works as a yoga teacher, LFA facilitator and intuitive coach. She loves to explore the human experience and all it has to offer. The physical, mental and spiritual realm. Julia is passionate about guiding others and creating a safe environment for her participants to meet all the inner parts of themselves and embody themselves fully.

Sofia Irene Schörling is a yoga teacher at the healing studio Ayäm Studio in Stockholm, where she offers a variety of classes. From strong and creative flows to yin and yoga nidra. Besides that she also works as an authenticity coach. Sofia has a playfulness and curiosity for life which she brings to everything she does. She is passionate about guiding people into their bodies and hearts, reconnecting to themselves and allowing their own unique spark to blossom.

Prices & Cancellation

Shared room early bird until 8th of August: 7.600kr
Bookings made after 8th of August: 8.600kr

Single room 8.500kr early bird until 8th of August
Bookings made after 8th of August: 9.500kr


Cancellation policy:

Cancellations made over 8 weeks before retreat starts are fully refunded except for deposit.

Cancellations made 8 weeks or less before retreat starts is refunded by 50%.

Cancellations made 4 weeks or less before retreat starts is non refundable.

* Early bird Pay in full (valid until 8th of August):
Double room: 7.600kr

* Bookings made after 8th of August:
Double room: 8.600kr

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